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OneVoice was established in 1999 as a medical transcription services organization, concentrating on manual medical transcription to serve as an intermediary between health care organizations and transcriptionists. Due to increased demand for services, we sought to create an accurate voice recognition system that increased efficiency while lowering costs. This would in turn address the health care industry's major problems: cost pressures, aging dictation systems, fewer skilled medical transcriptionists, and slow turnaround time. As a result, patient care would improve as less time is spent in front of computer screens editing and more time is available for patient appointments and encounters.

During an exhaustive search for more accurate transcription technology, we partnered with a leader in the speech recognition field. Working together, we and our seasoned MT’s helped build a voice recognition system based on advanced Speech Understanding technology, specifically customized for the health care industry. This was later imbedded into a unique workflow platform that allows us to specifically tailor the workflow to your needs.

OneVoice has implemented our speech recognition technology with numerous practitioners and health care professionals in the field of general, ambulatory, and specialized medicine. As a result, our clients are highly satisfied; their transcriptionists are less stressed, doctors are receiving reports back in a timelier manner, and administrators are experiencing impressive cost benefits. It has proven highly effective in meeting the need for compliance with new health care legislations regarding EMR (Electronic Medical Records), EHR (Electronic Health Records) and Meaningful Use.

Our company enjoys great success in the health care industry by providing turn-key transcription solutions to physicians, hospitals, doctors' offices, and other health care providers.

If you are interested in finding out what OneVoice can do for your practice or facility, click here or call us at 910-506-3342 to schedule a live 30-minute demo.