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Unlike most other transcription services, OneVoice speech recognition technology actually works. Ineffective and poorly designed systems have made skeptics out of many health care professionals. Once these practitioners experience how OneVoice can seamlessly transform speech to text at such a high level of accuracy, they realize the cost-savings this superior technology offers.

Conversational Modeling

We built our technology on conversational modeling instead of structural language. With the flexibility to understand how people really talk—even with varying accents, dialects, voice styles and speeds—this speech recognition engine consistently outperforms the competition and slays the 'dragon' of health care transcription.

Continuous Learning

Our continuous learning engine incorporates every change an editor makes into the next transcription. This learning from experience improves performance over time, so that word selection, medical terminology, data structuring, and meaning capture becomes even more accurate from day to day.

Workflow Options

Sphere One TurnKey Solution

For the busiest medical professionals, this complete solution is quick and easy. After a short installation of our web-based software, you simply upload your digital dictation to a computer and OneVoice will take care of the rest. Once the audio file is electronically transcribed, our professional team of transcriptionists reviews the entire document for accuracy. The completed report is quickly returned to you—as an editable and shareable file. Our services are entirely United States based, which means more accurate transcription editing, as well as faster turnaround. As human resources costs decrease, you can easily increase your cost efficiency.

Sphere Two In-House Solution

For those who already have a staff of capable medical transcriptionists, this solution increases speed, knowledge, and productivity, while reducing labor costs.

OneVoice technology was designed by medical transcriptionists, so keyboard commands are familiar and user-friendly. Our online orientation thoroughly covers details and teaches your transcriptionists how to become efficient clinical document editors (Medical Language Specialists) with minimal interruption to their day.

Dictations are electronically transcribed and formatted based on your customized setup, so your transcriptionists focus on the important task of making edits and verifying accuracy without the worry of formatting each report. We know time is valuable, especially in the fast-paced world of health care.

Our Sphere Two option increases the number of charts that can be processed in a day through more efficient productivity and turnaround time, while improving employee morale.

OneVoice's plan gives your transcriptionists the opportunity to expand their skills—to perform critical tasks that would otherwise require additional employees. There's no complicated staffing change, and yet, the per-line cost of transcription is dramatically cut. The efficiency level is simply that much higher.


Your physicians’ daily routine won't change

Because our system fits the way physicians already work, there's no disruption to everyday workflow. Busy doctors don't need to train the system or adapt to complicated new equipment. In fact, they don't have to do anything differently.

Seamless integration into your existing office workflow

There are no complicated protocols for office managers and staff to learn. Our system can be installed on as many work stations as needed at no extra cost, so everyone has easy access to efficiently process files. With a wide variety of delivery options at your disposal, completed reports are ready for charting usually within the same day or can be automatically interfaced into your EMR.

Immediate, secure archiving

Every edited document is archived in our system indefinitely. Your staff will have access to review and redeliver any file with a simple report search.

Electronic signature and auto-faxing available

We offer electronic signature of documents and can include the physical signature image if required. You can have as many or as few physicians use e-sign as needed, it is completely customizable.

We also have an auto-fax feature that allows your staff to give up the chore of manually faxing documents.

Cost Efficient

OneVoice provides an industry-leading business and pricing model designed to fit organizations of all sizes. By spending less on transcription services, more resources can be put to work in other critical areas - cutting costs without reducing quality of care. Charts are also sent through the system faster, speeding up the billing process and resulting in faster payment.

Budget Independent

Partnering with OneVoice doesn't require a large upfront expenditure, or a complex financial process. Basically, you pay by the line. There's no change in how your transcription costs are calculated, so there's no change to the costs that are already built in to the budget. Unlike our competitors, we charge no annual fees, no set-up charges, no training fees, no software upgrade fees, no maintenance fees and no licensing fees.

If you are interested in finding out how OneVoice will quickly implement our system into your practice or facility, click here or call us at 910-506-3342 to schedule a live 30-minute demo.