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OneVoice works with more than 400 health care professionals in 120 practices—from specialists and general practitioners, to urgent care centers and both small and large hospitals. Those who have made the move to OneVoice have experienced increased transcription accuracy and greater productivity through increased time and lower costs.

"I was not a proponent of speech recognition, as I had spoken with colleagues at other hospitals who were unhappy with their speech recognition system, so it was with some reluctance that I began using [OneVoice]. However, the quality of the draft report was high from the beginning and the system quickly improved the department's productivity such that I am very happy using it. It has had tremendous impact on our department ... with the ever increasing accuracy and how quickly we are able to turn around reports, I cannot imagine doing it any other way."

Carl Fuhrman, MD, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

"At first, we only brought a couple of our doctors and physicians assistants online because we wanted to make sure the system worked. And OneVoice definitely worked. There's no more backlog of charts, and same-day turnaround is the norm. Our transcription costs have almost been cut in half.  The transition has been incredibly smooth, because our practitioners didn't have to do anything. Honestly, most of them didn't even know we'd made a change—until they realized their charts were coming back to them so much faster. Now, all of our practitioners have switched to OneVoice."

Alice Kugler, Administrator, Fayetteville Family Medical Care

"Recognition accuracy has improved so much that we now measure accuracy based on the number of reports with an error, rather than the traditional method of measuring the number of errors per report. The longer the system has been in place, the more willing I am to self-edit because the results from OneVoice are increasingly accurate without any explicit training exercises."

Barton Branstetter, MD, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

"In short, we had a mess. OneVoice proposed a complete turn-key solution along with voice recognition and workflow platform that is very user-friendly. Within two weeks, OneVoice had us on track with increased accuracy and no more transcription backlog. As a result, our costs have decreased substantially."

Julius Torelli, MD, Integrative Cardiology Center

If you are interested in finding out what OneVoice can do for your practice or facility, click here to view our short, 5-minute presentation, or call us at 910-506-3342 to schedule a live 30-minute demo.