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OneVoice understands that the medical transcription services we offer health care professionals and facilities are only as good as the systems and technology that make those solutions work. As a result, we have teamed with some of the best health care technology companies in the country.


Our speech recognition technology partner (formerly MModal™) has the absolute highest level of dictation accuracy in the business and has become the industry standard. OneVoice has worked with MModal™ to build a platform that transforms conversational speech into meaningful clinical documents—complete with full transcriptions, tagged medical content, and accessible electronic records. Thanks to the proprietary learning technology, every edited document results in an even higher level of accuracy.


Using the ChartNet™ flexible workflow system, OneVoice increases efficiency and throughput by routing dictations quickly with less manual input. Digital files can be immediately prioritized, or sent to a specific medical transcriptionist. Once a file is converted to a meaningful clinical document, the ChartNet™ workflow system automatically directs the information back to relevant parties. ChartNet™ allows us to provide custom report formatting with easy, efficient editing. It is a multi-level workflow platform that combines word processing, editing, automatic data retrieval, archiving and search functions all in one.

If you are interested in finding out what OneVoice can do for your practice or facility, click here or call us at 910-506-3342 to schedule a live 30-minute demo.