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OneVoice technology provides documentation solutions customized to fit your needs

  • A provider can dictate and move to next patient without the burden of self-editing
  • We offer toll-free phone-in, digital handhelds and iPhone App dictation options
  • We are a 100% US-based transcription company, no offshore MTs
  • We provide customizable TATs including STATs
  • We have a wide array of delivery options, including HL7 interfacing with EMRs
  • Our system is budget independent – No upfront or monthly set up or service fees
  • No contracts are required - Pay as you go, per-line charge based on volume
  • We can provide an end-to-end solution or train your MTs to become medical language specialists, whichever best fits your business model
  • Our platform utilizes highly effective management and tracking tools

Contact us today and let us show you how the superior speech recognition technology that OneVoice offers can streamline your practice